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Questions to Ask to a Roof Cleaner

One of the biggest investments in your house is the roof. Thus, you’ve got to ensure you hire the right roof cleaner for the task. Walking on the roof wrong, harmful chemicals and high-pressure washing devices can all damage the roof and lower its lifespan.  

Aside from that, though it is always ideal to get a couple of bids on a roof cleaning task, keep in mind that the most affordable one isn’t always ideal. A cheap roof cleaner may cut costs by hiring unreliable workers, using the fastest way to finish the task, or not carrying the right insurance.  

However, price is only one aspect to think about when hiring a roof cleaner. Here are questions to ask a potential professional for your roof cleaning needs.  

Do You Have References? 

One of the most crucial questions to ask is if the professional can offer references. If he does, you should call the references and ask questions such as if the job was done on time and properly, if the contractor honors its workmanship with warranty or guarantee, and if there were any hidden expenses. An excellent contractor won’t hesitate to refer you to a happy client. Remember that unsatisfied customers will probably not be included on the list. Thus, you’ve got to ensure you check with your local BBB (Better Business Bureau) to know if there are any complaints filed against the contractor. Read reviews on unbiased websites such as Angie’s List, Yelp, and Google. It can be a red flag if you see repeated references to the same problem.  

How Do I Know Your Workers Will Do a Great Job? 

It needs specialized skills to walk on a tile roof. Cleaning the roof effectively means getting rid of the algae and mold without using high-pressure methods. The reason for this is that high-pressure cleaning methods will usually place stress on the roof materials. This can lead to damage to the underlays. This can create leaks. The workers of an excellent contractor will have the right training to properly take care of your roof. 

Are You Insured and Licensed? 

A reliable roof cleaning contractor needs to carry insurance. This is particularly true for liability coverage and worker’s compensation. Hiring a contractor without the right insurance can leave you open to liability for accidents. Aside from that, you might also pay for the damages that the contractor may do to your property. If an uninsured worker falls off the roof, a couple of hundred dollars can immediately turn into thousands.  

How Long Have You Been in Business? 

An unreliable company isn’t going to stay in the industry for a longer period. Thus, looking for a roof cleaner who has been in the industry for many years means you can rely on their services. Experience is another benefit of an established roof cleaning contractor. The workers will have more experience if the company has been in business for a longer period. Furthermore, an established contractor isn’t going to disappear overnight and leave you with a poor quality job. 

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Roof Cleaner

Without a doubt, roofs are very crucial components of any property. Aside from protecting the belongings and people inside the building from elements, they also offer great insulation if they are of high-quality. This equally applies to both commercial and residential roofs.  

Almost every individual knows that their roofs require cleaning every now and then. However, this doesn’t mean that they should try a DIY approach to roof cleaning. Of course, there is nothing bad about doing a DIY roof moss cleaning. However, it isn’t an ideal path to take. The risk to both the cleaner and the roof is too high.  

Hiring a roof cleaning company is by far the most ideal option. Here are several benefits of hiring an expert roof cleaner: 

They Have the Tools 

When it comes to cleaning the roof, the old sponge and bucket are not going to cut it. Even if you have a pressure washer, chances are it is still not enough.  

Expert cleaning companies have invested a lot of money into their tools. In addition to that, they also constantly upgrade their tools to stay at the forefront of the industry. These high-quality tools enable them to constantly get excellent results while working efficiently.  

They Will Do a Better Job 

If you don’t have the experience or the tools needed in cleaning a roof, chances are you probably will not do an excellent job. Thus, why take the risk? The outcomes are clearly not going to be the best without quality tools or professional training.  

To make things simple, expert roof cleaning companies understand what they are doing. They are highly trained in how to address all types of roofing. They have a lot of years of experience. Thus, they can really get your roof looking back to its best.  

It is Safer 

One of the major reasons to hire an expert roof cleaning company is safety. Instead of doing the job yourself, hiring a professional will be a lot safer.  

Working on roofs is a very dangerous task, whether it is cleaning them or installing them for the first time. The truth is that roofing is reportedly one of the riskiest jobs out there. A lot of accidents occurred even if that person has had training in handling roofs. Of course, the risk will be much higher for a person without any experience.  

You should not take the risk. Expert roof cleaning may be more expensive compared to a DIY approach. However, it is definitely worth the cost if you consider the possibility of severe injuries and accidents.  

These are just some of the major benefits you can get if you hire a roof cleaning company. You should not make the mistake of thinking you can do it cheaper or faster yourself. The cost and time of fixing that mistake (if you do make one) will certainly outweigh the cost of simply hiring an expert in the first place, whether on a residential or commercial property. Contact a professional roof cleaning company today for your roof cleaning needs. 

Preventing Expensive Roof Repairs

Your home’s roof is extremely useful. It prevents rainwater from leaking inside the house, withstand snow and hail, and blocks harmful UV rays. However, your roof becomes damaged as it ages. It might leak at some point. It might lose a shingle. All of these can lead to possible roof repair. 

Without a doubt, roof repairs can be costly and tedious. This is particularly true if the damage or the issue has been neglected. Loose shingles can be a sign of a major structural problem. Untended leaks can invite mold into the house. Our roofs often appear to be so damaged subtly that you might be surprised whenever an expensive roof replacement is deemed inevitable.  

Today, we going to share with you several tips on how to prevent expensive roof repairs – from roof cleaning to moss removal. 

Get Rid of any Moss 

Moss easily grows in humid and wet conditions. They can also grow easily on hard surfaces and in the shade. To make things simple, the roof is the best area for moss to grow.  

While it may not appear dangerous at first, the growth of moss can cause a lot of damage to your roof’s integrity. For extra shade, moss will penetrate under the shingles and then grow. As they expand, they will also push your shingles. Rainwater can leak inside as the shingles are pushed up. This leads to rot and leaks in your decking. Since shingles are also loose, they are more prone to being torn off in the wind. In addition to that, moss will wear down the shingles themselves if you have asphalt shingles. This hastens your roof’s breakdown. 

Get Rid of Debris Regularly 

The roof is already blocking strong winds, barrages of hail, and fallen snow. Because of this, you should not allow your roof to battle the elements while being burdened by debris. By regularly getting rid of debris, you can help protect your roof.  

Oftentimes, debris accumulates in the valleys and gutters of the roof. Clogged gutters can lead to drainage problems that can cause leaks and rusts. Aside from that, clogged gutters can also jeopardize the gutter’s integrity. The overflowing water and constant strain can detach the gutters. This exposes susceptible areas of the roof and inhibits damage further. You can guarantee that your roof drains properly by cleaning the gutters.  

Conduct a Complete Inspection of the Roof 

Has your roof ever been replaced before? Was it repaired before? How old is your roof? What material is it made of? It can help to have more details on your roof. Knowing the status and age of the roof can help you make an informed decision if damage will occur in the future.  

It’s vital to track work done to the roof as previous problems can be a sign of future issues. In addition to that, it is vital to track how particular repairs impacted the roof in the long-run. Thus, you can make more informed maintenance decisions in the future and prevent expensive roof repair.  

How to Maintain a Roof?

The right roof maintenance needs routine inspections. Yearly or seasonal checkups will improve your roofing materials’ lifespan. This prevents leaks that result in expensive repairs and damage. To make things worse, you might even have to replace your entire roof.  

Roofs are made to withstand every natural element. However, there’s going to be some wear and tear eventually. Thus, you’ve got to ensure the roof is ready for the next major storm. Aside from regular roof cleaning, here are a couple of tips you can follow: 

Prevent Ice Dams 

After a heavy snowfall, roofs are prone to ice dams. If you want to prevent this, you have to inspect the ventilation and insulation of your attic to ensure that it stays cool enough in the winter to prevent the formation of ice dams. It is extremely vital that you prevent ice dams as we move into the winter season. The reason for this is that ice dams can also cause significant damages to your roof that can lead to expensive repairs.  

Monitor Moss 

While moss adds a magical forest appearance and an element of color to the roof, the damage it can cause isn’t something you should neglect. Moss will damage any type of roof if left to grow unchecked. This includes concrete, wood, and asphalt.  

For those who don’t know, moss can grow between shingles. Moss will bulk up over time and will lift the shingles away from the roof. This means water can leak inside your home. In addition to that, moss itself has water. Typically, wood rot and leaks follow not far behind. To avoid damage, you will have to get rid of the moss by yourself or by hiring a professional. That’s why you need to always monitor moss. A lot of experts suggest that you sprinkle zinc sulfate granules on your roof seasonally and systematically.  

Unclog Gutters 

A lot of homeowners are familiar with the issues linked to clogged gutters. This can include rotting wood and bubbling wall paint. However, with so many debris, bugs, and leaves that the rain washes up, clogged gutters can overflow. The water can damage the roof over time. Aside from that, it can also damage the support beams. Of course, this can lead to expensive issues. You should regularly clean your gutters. This is particularly true during the fall and spring seasons.  

Trim Branches 

Before the winter sets in, you should have overhanging branches trimmed if you have a tree near the roof. Ice, wind, and heavy snow can break the branch. This can damage your roof. 

Examine the Shingles 

You should perform an annual inspection of your roof shingles. This is particularly true after the wild weather months. However, you have to keep in mind that it isn’t simply water and wind that can damage the roof. Over time, UV rays from the sun can also wreak havoc. Thus, you’ve got to ensure you inspect the shingles as a routine part of your roof inspections. This will help guarantee that they are properly installed and functioning correctly.  

Reasons to Clean Your Roof

One of the most vital structures on a house is the roof. It protects your valuables and your loved ones from the elements. Of course, the daily wear-and-tear of the roof can take a toll eventually. This causes mold, leaks, and damage that can compromise your home’s integrity. People choose to replace their roof each year when they can just have it cleaned. This can save them a lot of money.  

Today, we are going to share with you the importance of regular roof cleaning.  

Protection from Rodents and Pests 

A neglected or shoddy roof is extremely attractive to wildlife and pests. The rotting wood and debris around the roof invite pests, rodents, and bugs to your house. Hives and nest can cause further complications. This can possibly lead to an infestation. If you maintain the eaves, gutters, and your roof, you can easily prevent headaches and avoid the hassle.  

More Affordable Compared to Replacing or Fixing the Roof 

Homeowners will ultimately find that regularly cleaning the roof is much more affordable compared to replacing or fixing it. Usually, roof cleaning costs around $250. On the other hand, replacing a roof can cost around $6,000 or more. If you take care of your roof, you can prevent these expensive projects.  

Improve Your Home’s Value 

Curb appeal contributes to the overall value of your property or house. A property with an algae-covered and shoddy roof will be less appealing and might be a red flag to prospective buyers. On the other hand, a clean roof that is free of algae, mildew, and mold can appear attractive to the eye. It can improve the value of the house if and when you’re planning to sell your home. It is something that you should remember in the future.  

Avoid Expensive Damages 

Moisture is trapped on the roof because of the debris. Over time, this can lead to mold and moisture damage that will eat away and erode the roofing materials. Regularly cleaning the roof can help you avoid expensive leaks that result in water damage. If water leaks in the house, it will not be long before mildew and mold will grow. Getting rid of mold is frustrating and expensive. That’s why you should take good care of the roof of your house if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on damages.  

Keep the Warranty of the Roof Active 

Manufacturers require homeowners to regularly clean their roof and maintain it. a multi-year warranty doesn’t exempt you from regular core maintenance during your roof’s lifespan. The truth is that if you neglect the roof, it might devoid any warranty that comes when the roof of your house was installed. Regular cleaning identifies any possible problems lurking near or on the roof. This might be really useful in avoiding those issues.  

Save Money 

Algae and mold can interfere if you’re trying to keep a comfortable house. Keeping your roof clean makes it easier to heat and cool. This leads to energy savings. This means that every month, you will have lower utility bills.